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2nd week updates: MySQL final strat keep it simple while performance is ok. IDN URLs supported. So, for example, you can use URLs with chinese and japanese chars. Note: FireFox and Flock browsers don’t redirect properly due to an insolved … Continue reading

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10 notas sobre nombres de proyectos

A la hora de poner un nombre ideal a un proyecto bien sea una empresa, un servicio o un producto siempre existen una serie de limitaciones, por ejemplo: tiene que ser relevante positivo memorable razonablemente corto no demasiado genérico no … Continue reading

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Monetizar en Internet URLs

Como podéis observar si atendéis a la categoría PiURL de este blog, (desde Mayo de 2007 han usado y siguen usando mi mismo tracking de analytics en un par de sitios relacionados con WoW y es complicado filtrar contenidos), desde … Continue reading

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First week of PiURL

Some thoughts and facts about PiURL: people find the page easy and useful (most of this feedback is from friends, thank you!) anonymous people also use the service 90% times. over 100 urls Used by: personal websites, affiliates, adult content, … Continue reading

Posted in PiURL | Leave a comment free url shortening service a new free basic url shortening service is available, but it is still under development. Comment this post with abuses, bugs or suggestions. Thank you for your help.

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