First week of PiURL

Some thoughts and facts about PiURL:

  • people find the page easy and useful (most of this feedback is from friends, thank you!)
  • anonymous people also use the service 90% times.
  • over 100 urls
    • Used by: personal websites, affiliates, adult content, listings,…
    • Used for: web pages, photos (photobucket), blogs posts, maps (google), videos(youtube),…
  • over 1200 hits
  • the extra effort of making a long url short doesn’t worth the effort of a visit to the site, add the link to the toolbar in FireFox or add it to your favorites in IE.
  • revise your code & regexps
  • do not trust user input, trim & strip_tags
  • use behaviour analytics crazyegg, robotreplay and Google analytics.
  • think in scalability
  • trust is key

So thinking in scalability my next steps:

  1. prepare MySQL (I am deciding about it)
  2. update working code to the scalable MySQL structure
  3. develop an API for developers
  4. GET TRUST — charge all ODP /DMOZ urls – almost 5,000000 links -in the system using PiURL API

So probably my next post: API for developers released

Comment it!

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